Channelling in to Television Cultures

It all started the day I discovered the Introduction to Advertising class was full L Thankfully, the lovely administration lady informed me it was a rather dull course anyway, and suggested I enrol in Television Cultures instead!


And here we are.


I must admit, I don’t care all that much for television. Not any more than the average person anyway. I don’t sit down to brilliant clever TV shows and get immersed in them, becoming involved in online discussion, and trying my hardest to illegally download the newest episodes before they go to air. I’m more of a ‘whatever’s on’ girl. Yeah sure I’ll watch a casual half an hour of The Voice if I happen to need a rest and a reason to switch my brain off for a while. My friends and I gather on Monday evenings to watch Game of Thrones, but I go more for the social side of it (and to test my intense distaste for bad language and violence – I like to push myself to the limit like that, honestly being a little girl still, and gasping in horror more than a few times each episode).


Laugh if you will, but I prefer more innocent television shows. The likes of Packed to the Rafters. Some casual Doctor Who (okay… sometimes that scares me too actually). Gossip Girl (no, that’s more of a love-hate relationship, it’s so boring but I keep watching it). How I Met Your Mother. The Office (American version, of course). The IT Crowd. Sherlock.


Yeah go on! Shake your head at me! I’m no hipster media student and I’m not afraid to hide it!!!!


Perhaps this class will teach me to become more of a ‘cultured’ consumer of television. Maybe I will make my viewing decisions more wisely after these 12 weeks. For my own reputation, I very much hope so.


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