And so here it is: my final post.

Kids, it’s been fun. I have never given TV much thought at all, but I feel this course has changed that! TV isn’t just something that is just there in our lives – we either choose to engage with it or we don’t, and I feel we have explored many ways in which this happens in Television Cultures.

Sure, I’ll be the first to admit that this blog is largely just the ramblings of a 20-year-old RMIT student, part angsty venting, part theory-grounded work. Nonetheless, it’s all here:

2 Showcase Posts:

1. Transmedia, Fans and Facebook
I definitely did this post all wrong, but I was interested at looking into the nature of fans, prompted by the week 6 lecture on taste, and conversations in class.

2. Why we love Reality TV
A review of the week 10 lecture on Reality TV, further exploration of the genre propelled by the week 11 lecture on the makeover reality show.

3 Comment to Other Blogs:

1. Lucy Dayman’s Transmedia & The Webisode

2. Alex Roach’s [Showcasing] Matters of Taste

3. Paul Kelly’s Reality Check.


There we are 🙂

But anyway, enough about me, and TV. On with life.