I have a confession to make.



I am a woman.

And yet, I watch Dr. Who.

I don’t even understand computers! Or find any interest in science! But Dr. Who…. My word! It gets me.

I say this, and really I am just totally an amateur fan of The Doctor. It is probably mainly because the latest one (Matt Smith) bears a striking resemblance to my boyfriend.

The Doctor (Matt Smith)

aaaaand… My BF

Okay you can’t see it here!!!! But he seriously does!

In fact I haven’t even seen any of the seasons prior to Matt Smith. I will watch them some day, though. For now I am content to continue watching my boyfriend’s doppleganger flit around on my television screen 🙂

What is the intrigue?! Why do I shuffle uncomfortably on my seat on the train, wishing I was on the couch on a Friday night watching Dr. Who? Why I do I wait and wait for the next installment that will get me through the week? Why do I find myself having strange dreams that I am a time-lord?

Well, personally, I find the writing of the show to be amazing! Steven Moffat is a legend. Like, seriously.. Nobel Prize worthy. He doesn’t write episode-to-episode, but somehow manages to stretch storylines out over the seasons and tie everything together beautifully. Like the scintillating cracks we find in random locations across Matt Smith’s first season, Moffat reveals in tiny, exciting sections what is coming: whether it be ‘the end of all things’, or the death of The Doctor himself.

The characters are quirky and loveable. The set is amazing, colourful and ever-changing. We find ourselves (because of course, I travel with The Doctor) in the jungle, in space, in Ancient Rome, on a pirate ship and so on. Relationships and character development are irresistible – nawwwwww Amy and Rory!
But…. Mostly the thing about my boyfriend I guess 🙂

Bring on Season 7!!!!