I just watched the first episode in season one of Modern Family. By recommendation. From a few people.

Cast of Modern Family

Anyway, it was good! Sure. I think anything can be good if you have no assumptions about it from the start. And I didn’t. Had no idea what to expect.

As I was watching I began to notice the camera movement, and how it was obviously quite complex. As opposed to a TV show like ‘Friends’ which is made up of mainly long shots and mid shots, this show had closeups and cutaways, making it seem more like ‘reality’. It made me think of what we were talking about in our tute the other day: in relation to Blundell’s article about how film and TV has developed, especially camera technology. So much more can be achieved in TV today because of the way cameras now operate. Increased scope of filming allows the editor to eventually piece together a sequence of images that makes us feel like we are there in the room with the actors. A good editor will make the jump between shots seem so natural. Eg.

(Awkward… I was gonna include screen grabs of the relevant shots, but am too technically incapable.)


In a scene towards the end of episode one the whole family gets together, and it is noticeable that the camera pans really quickly between characters depending on who is the centre of the action and is talking. It is like us (the viewers) are a person in the room simply looking around and changing the direction of our attention.

Would have been better with screen grabs. Whatever. I’ll work on it.